Seyed Reza Pourtarrah attorney at law
Seyed Reza Pourtarrah attorney at law

Legal Assistance with Tarheno law firm lawyers :
Living or working in Iran, requires an up to date knowledge of Iranian laws and regulations.
From renting an apartment to negotiating and signing a high valued contract, having legal aid and advice is necessary.
“Legal Assistance” is a 1 hour legal service rendered by a team of highly qualified, experienced and multilingual attorneys of Tarheno Law firm .
Its aim and goal is to provide expats living or working in Iran with a safe environment, protecting them and their interest against any unlawful harm or damage.
“Legal Assistance” can also benefit corporations and businesses with a wide range of legal advice, counsel and assistance in setting up or running their business in Iran.
Our clients, individual or corporate, can rely on the commitment and expertise of highly qualified attorneys in a wide range of cases requiring legal advice and assistance.
A simple car accident or financial dispute is attended to, with same care, commitment and expertise, as negotiating a high valued petrochemical contract.
Each member of the legal team is specialized in a specific area of practice. They include:
,Corporate law,
International law,
Family law,
Criminal law,
Foreign investment law,
Banking and financial law,
Immigration law,
Civil law,
Property and real estate law,
Labor and employment law,
Import and export law,
Contracts law,
Trademark and patent protection,
Corporate and branch registration,
For getting free legal advice you can cantact us with google meet app.

If you need lawyer(attorney at law) in Iran we can help you too.

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Seyed Reza Pourtarrah